Water Rates


2024 Water Rates

Amount in GallonsRate
0 - 6,000$60.10
6,001 - 30,000$7.25 per thousand
30,001 - 60,000$9.35 per thousand
60,001 - 90,000$11.40 per thousand
90,001+$13.60 per thousand


The tiered rate structure helps to ensure that domestic water charges can be kept as low as possible and generally water used outdoors is charged at a higher rate.

Sewage Rate

Sewage use is monitored each year from November 1st thru February 28th. This period of time is used to best reflect interior domestic water use. Sewer charges are adjusted annually in July based on use during this period and any subsequent rate increases that the District may receive.

Calculation based on $8.15 sewer charge per thousand gallons winter use

Water and sewer rates are adjusted annually and reflect the District's increasing cost to purchase finished water and treat sewage.

Cycle and Soak Watering

Cycle and soak watering of turf will promote deep root growth and a healthier lawn. In cycle and soak watering sprinklers are allowed to water for a period of time followed by a rest period.

During the rest period the water is allowed to soak deep into the soil. The cycle is then repeated. For example if you presently water each zone for 15 minutes it may be beneficial to water each zone twice for 6 minutes with a rest period between cycles.

Typically you will be able to reduce your time per zone as more water is allowed to soak in and less water is available to run off.